Sunday, March 29, 2009

Thoughts put together

Every time i come back to put something into my blog with an intention to be more regular working on it,I fall back being irregular like always.College-unit tests-observations-records-making things right and attending college regularly so that i dont have any pending stuff before the semester....made things terrible...I couldnt find a single minute to put up things here.

Let me begin with my first event...the college day!

It began with a very boring event of guest lecture and My HOD suprisingly concluded his speech within ten minutes and most of his speech was related to the event(which is never the case).
When it came to prize distribution i had to get on to the stage and when i did...only girls cheering was distinctly audible to me.(which is never the case usually :P,all credits to my class gals!:D).The later half of the event was even better with dancing and cheering for kuthu songs and THALA songs(credits to Muthu and Co)!
The suprising part was Munees and arvind shaking their legs for a fast number

Onetime close friend of mine changing tracks in between for some things which was not neccesary and now searching for himself...looks sad but at the same time,I feel its just absolutely neccesary for people like him...For all the phone calls i ve wasted on him and the ym chats advising him things,for what to do and what not to do,Which went wasted, When he chose the bad company..."You need to suffer! :-) .You are now inbetween whether to join us back or stay with them and its too obvious you are ill-treated by em"


My School junior Arjun vasudev,my Mom's student who attended classes every evening passed away on friday.The days he attended the classes in my place are still fresh in my memory sitting near the door stretching his legs,the handsome talented guy loosing his life so early makes me feel is god really there or Why is he cruel oly to good people?!?
When people can rule a state bed-ridden,This young guy who had so much to contribute to people around loosing his life is just unacceptable."Rest in peace da!Though we dint talk a lot I used to admire your talents."


From thalapathy to Thala.
A hard-core Vijay fan once now hate him to the same extent as i did like him.
Currently A THALA fan cant believe on how i enjoyed vijay..except for his facial expressions and his dance..Nothing in him seems impressing to me(probably i ve grown! rocks seriously!!!


Hope atleast this time i keep up my words and blog regularly!!..;-)