Sunday, September 30, 2007

A murky world

Recently i happened to meet a guy in m'pore bus stand who just made me wonder for hours till i reached home.
He was a born without eye sight i suppose and didnt no which direction to move,he was quite different from other blind people
He had a cell phone
He had a laptop bag wich seemed fishy(y shd he own a laptop????..wateva)
He was dressed like a professional

They were some of the significant points wich i could note.
I was standing behind him noting his activities,he was listening to some song(cause he was changing sumthin on his phone)
and whenever a bus came he shouted "Yaravadho sollungalen edhu bus no.1 ahh??"
There were one or two kind souls to tell "No..." but twas a shocking sight

After a couple of minutes he boarded his bus....twas a 5min encounter but its still there in my heart.
Though i've got an Aj n a Rj in me...
Aj in me-a kind hearted soul who wants to help people at difficult times...who wants to stay in this country and improve it.......wants to get into politics.......wants to help poor...wants to help orphans...wants to donate blood......wants to donate money.. wat not!
Rj dominates
Rj in me--A ruthless fellow,who is like more of self-centered and says "naama nambala pathupom...ooru adha pathukkum" n wants to go away frm this country and concerned more about his living and about his family !

this encounter made me realise tat 3/4 within me is Aj but tat doesnt mean i wont leave this country...(tats wat Rj spoke)

Till i reached home Aj was wondering about

why was he born tat way?
Why is there no one to help him?
where are his parents?
why dint i help him?

There was reply for each of em instinctively from Rj

His Fate
Who cares
Whats your concern
Cause i have better work to do.

but eventually before i reached home i shed some tears for the poor guy whose world is just one with noises and nothing to see....he mite know rajinikanth but does he know how he looks?...he knows he's talkin to his mom..but does he know how she looks?.....everything in the world is same for him...its "darkness";

and i tried how it would be, to be like closing my eyes.....

and am thankful!

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Saturday, September 22, 2007

KKN to Thandalam!

My Journey to colls starts at 6:40am and it takes 45 minutes to reach within which thers lots to see.
6:45-nessapakkam--The only place in the whole city were u sense the kakkus naatham during the morning hours!
7:00-Porur--People here dont have civic sense nor do their animals(miruguthukku 5 arivudan..edukku matum illa edu owner galukkum 5 arivu dhan)...they stand near the median n jabber
This is one such conversation,"Mama Sarath kumar hair style paathiya da Num naadu padathukkaga"(romba theva kalangathala naara paya)...n their animals go behind pedestrians.. makin em scared,frustated,irritated wat not.
7:20--iyyapanthangal--Wow!No toilets needed..we piss in public,NO!houses required we sleep on pavements.."Deivam thandha veedu veedhi irruku" wat ppl think,i suppose.
7:25--Bypass entry--Harsh exchange of words..kaathala madhram maadhiri...*&^& $%* &^@!....wherever u turn,u hear add on to the chaos there is CCTP!
8:15--college--Teachers Are there n i feel ....Podumakala paravailla.!!!
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Sunday, September 16, 2007


I ve been watching quite a few dance programs on various channels for the past few weeks..this post is just to quote a few ironical things abt em.!
One program i saw had simbu as the judge n the other had simran.....!
Simbu atleast had a heart to congratulate peolpe who did really well but simran's program was basically to find the negative things ..the snippets below show how trivial they were in a funny manner!

participant 1
anchor: madam performance eppadi irundhudhu?
Sim :blue color pant kku black color jetti poturkinga nalla illa red poturndha scene aah irundhurkkum...anda lady ya parunga...oru black color skirt poturkanga....white hair band poturkangaa...some other color would hav done well
participant 2
anchor :madam performance eppadi irundhudhu?
sim :shoe polish podala...shoe kku polish podala..periya thapuu(ennai kodumai saravanan)
participant 3
anchor :madam performance eppadi irundhudhu?
sim :ungaloda kaadhu konjam different ahh irkku plus wax clean pannala pall thekala.....adhanalaa clean ahh vanga!

these programs r just to find the negative aspects n they neva mind to appreciate the real hard work behind it...!
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