Thursday, February 19, 2009

I'm Back

Loong time since i typed something into my blog..roughly a month i back with lots of things running in my mind right now!
One month filled with fun,fight,sadness,loneliness,happiness a whole lot of different kinds of feelings.
My sister returning back home on the eve of New year and staying here till the republic day was one good thing which completes the fun part of my thought.She is one good company whom you can talk anything and everything,she is a gr8 friend of mine as well..i mean female friend! :P
A lot of fights with friends and mates...that makes the fight part of it!
A weeeeeeeek off from college for some srilankan issue..god!wont there be one more fight somewhere else??A week filled with happiness,vettiness and movies !
Nights filled with loneliness after appu left to usa was terrible!it took me sometime to get used to it...i missed something someone badly!!
Unit tests in college...managed to clear em ALL :D!
Now gazing into the screen with ice packs on my cheeks(got my teeth extracted last evening)!:D