Friday, February 8, 2008

Am I taking the wrong way?????????????

This morning I started to college as always and reached my stop and waited anxiously for my bus to come but after few minutes, one of my friends there told me that our bus had some problem and another bus(postal colony-which is not my route bus) would reach in 15 minutes.
The bus came all the way from Porur to K.K Nagar at 7:30 am(45 minutes from the scheduled time-6:45 am).
One sight at the bus and I was shocked,an overcrowded bus,with some people on the foot-board,I got into the bus and was standing near the entrance.The only thought that went through was "How am I gonna stand this way for the next one hour???"
After a couple of halts I got down from the bus and walked back home.But I feel really guilty for what I have done....

"When others could travel why not me????
Should I ve taken the bus and reached college?????
Is it too arrogant on my part to get back home even after getting the bus?????
Have I changed??????
Is it too much for a first year kid???"

Only time can answer this....
The only answer I can give is changes should be towards one's growth which is not the case here,
and am guilty about it
Still thinking whether If am right???!!