Thursday, October 2, 2008

Life...hmmm...not bad!!

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Bandha birthday....

Of all the eighteen birthdays this b'day of mine was special and unforgettable one too...

People go to restaurants,theatres or party to celebrate birthdays but I had no plans for celebrating my birthday and hence I chose to go for a PAPER PRESENTATION in SRM.It was a normal morning with abnormal number of new messages in my mobile,it showed 16 new messages with happy birthday greetings,It was 6:45 am and I had to leave my place at 7:30 am.
I wore my new kakhi shirt and one old jean of mine and started from my place at 7:35 am to Chrompet.I reached Chrompet at 8:45 am where i drafted my days speech(cause i forgot to get the sheet of paper from home where in i had written my, from there me and Gayathri left to SRM UNIVERSITY(katangulathur).
Our topic seemed too trivial to us with very less preparation.We just planned to give our best shot and we werent concerned about the outcome.
We were the fifth team to present our paper out of the nine teams which were shortlisted from 29.Our presentation went really well without any blunders...Gayathri did the introduction part and the conclusion slide and I did the Working of our Ideas...It went on really well and some part of my brain kept saying that we had great chances of winning the event.
It was about one hour after we did our presentation the results came....
"First prize!! Sai Kiran RMK engineering college...."
then judges took a break and said...
"Though one of the contestants paper had few drawbacks We appreciate their view and hence the second place........ goes to........... Gayathri and Ajit from Rajalakshmi Engineering college"...
It seemed so simple when the read it out but once i left the hall I felt as though it was a gift from god...for winning an event during my birthday was so special...

We got a prize money of Rs.2500 and god! I was so happy :-) and I was so lucky :-)