Thursday, November 22, 2007


Internet, onething tats changed ma life....most of the times when am jobless ,am here online~`
My everyday thoughts have got something related to the net,n nowadays its become a sub-conscious thing tat i get..... orkutting dreams....!
The thingies b'low jus get to show i think these days!

Phone call(tring tring tring)
"Yaaaru online??""

Tv channels black out
"Enna da load eh ahga matengardhu"

courier comes home
"yarru pa pudhu scrapu"

when am hungry
"ada da!upload eh panala!"

when there is a natures call
"ada transfer"

When i need to change ma bedsheet
"new Imvironment"

Teacher calls me

Am sleeping in class

Am not talkin to sum ppl in class
"stealth settings"

Most times am vetti

Am thinking how to solve a problem

I pass on ma answer sheets during exam
"File transfer protocol"

The guy at the other end gets the answer frm me
"telnet-remote login"

fone conversation
"voice chat"

funky clothes

good marks


ahh!I think tats enough to net-a-holic!!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

enfance mémoire

Though am in college now,my childhood memories r evergreen...the wierd thoughts n ideas i got during those days were improbable!

The oldest n the stupidest things i remember till date!
I never changed ma dress in front of tv sets claiming that the person in the Tv could c me!

Discovery channel n national geographic channels spoiled me.....I was outside ma house most of the times...picking up stones(archeology)....feeding earthworms.....chopping branches...toiling under the sun!

I loved running n catching,hide n seek etc etc......the best game i preferred was throwing stones at ma neighbors dog...n talking to it when twas looking at me !later the dog got fed up with my activities tat it ignored me completely(prob it followd :"Dhustana kanda dhoora vilagu")

During the summer vacations i went to mayavarum.....where i was treated like call n people were there to attend me!
Watching rajini films in non A/c theatres were one of ma passions!

I had cycle races with ma sister....n i always won the race..(tats cause ma sister gave up i suppose)...(n i neva admitted failures during those days)

LKG n UKg were turning( ;) )points in ma life....I got up at 9:15 am ...when i was supposed to b in school at 9:00 am....!I used to reach school like pazham at 9:30..n no one would dare to question me!

Like evry kid fever struck me!
I joined ma first ever cricket coaching in ma second standard...but ma efforts were wasted...i was dropped cause the coach said ma bowling action wassnt proper.!
The next year i attended the camp with more determination...I was selected into the school team for ma batting abilities...
one year passed...I n was a leg spinner for the school team n a middle order batsmen...
I was late to the coaching n had cold wars with the coach....

6,7,8 where boring parts of had a timetable !

I started riding a bike during ma 9th grade....n overspeeding is still ma passion...caught once for the act i ve neva changed!

n the boredom continued till ma 12th.... n Thanks to ORKUT n YM which broke the spell!

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Thursday, November 8, 2007

A Diwali with a difference!

Oct 21,2006,6:30 am i was in front of the tv...watchin kunna kudi vaidyanathan's programme...n dancing for ammadi athadi .............

This year everything changed...i slept at 12 last night and got up at 7:45 am....brushing ma teeth wen evry kid arnd were trying their hand on the crackers!

This year i am thalichu vitta casuu...i nevr hear those words" ajit half yearly ku oru maasam dhaan irruku"..........!
Totally vetti watching the gay vj's on sun meejic n ss meejic....most of the times online...doing nothing..have bcome part of life.....
n India Vs pak match ahead today aftrnoon.....nothin is goin to happen today.......
Tonite i ve plannd 2 watch the skies brightly lit!
"The distinct change i could feel is we r 1000's Km apart!!!"