Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ten things which I love hating the most!

10.Handfull of people Who I ll never forget till my death for the wrong reasons,Those people have changed the entire path of my life which i still weep about!If so called god is there they ll pay for the mistake they have done...they ll cry everyday for what has happened!!

9.People digging your issues-
Certain people in society who dont even bother about increasing LPG rates(especially females) but are more concerned about what their neighbor is upto?!?Especially the home makers who jabber about the youth nextdoor throughout the afternoon!

8.Doordarshan and Podhigai no exact reason why! but i would rather stay without watching Tv rather than seeing that channel!Though my Mom claims its onetime famous channel with oliyum oliyum a large scale hit and its seems i Was a great fan of that show during my childhood days :O

7.Throwing your anger at me when there is no fault of mine! "hey what do i do>?!?"

Ahhhh!chiiiiiii! thats what i feel at people who bang at you..when there is ample space to to get an "archana" ticket in a temple...why hurry?!?..when you are sure to get one??...others include crowded bus,ranganathan street,saravana stores!..yuck'

5.Wet floors-
I hate walking on wet floors when my legs are dry...I start wondering WtF??have i stamped on?? it water or something else...??

Being a vegetarian the only thing I hate eating is Brinjal...once cooked i feel it looks like a fish..though i havent seen a cooked fish ;-)

3.People talking as though they know everything related to the stuff they are talking gets on my nerves.

2.People who micromanage-
You tell me things I need to do..I am ready to do em...I cant stand micromanagement though.

1.People who lie to me-
Yeah I hate people who lie and try to hide truth from me, better accept it,What am i gonna do after all be angry with you for a few days?

Happy new year and pongal!

Laughing out Loud!
Ya obviously its a fortnight since new year and this post is coming up too early?....
My sister coming down here to India on the eve of New year and me spending most times with her, I dint find anytime to put this up!
Happy new year and pongal wishes to you people.
Have a great year ahead and let it bring you loads of happiness and luck in your life!