Saturday, August 1, 2009

How would it be!?

Units are almost coming to an end!
and many a times in class i dream...Especially during Linear integrated circuit hour,Am in a different world
And during one such dream...I was dreaming "How would it be like to be a VVip?"
And I was thinking myself to be Mahendra singh Dhoni...
And how would my daily regime change...
ANd this is how it went...

Morning 5am i(dhoni) wake up!From a cool,cosy bed!
Look into my mobile...
6new messages and 4 missed calls
2 missed calls from yuvraj singh...and 2 messages from him ,which reads..."आ पार्टी देता है"
1 message from Sachin tendulkar..."Hey MSD...message me the dates for Champions trophy selection"
1 message from Shrikanth.."Get ready man...dates are closing"

i drop my mobile replyin to the messages..get down to the living room..
" lekhe avao"
i get my daily cup of coffee...and I open to the sports news in the paper...
"dhoni the best captain till date"
i feel i ve accomplished something in life but there are better ppl than me..the statistics show that am the first batsmen in the world..which i dint realise when on field ...shocking reality..uh?

I switch on NDTV..."Dhoni slams Media"..."man i was so tensed the other day and u guys taunted me...u media guys trouble me!"

I get to the bathroom and have my bath.
Move out to the entrance of my house
Ten black cats run "quick quick quick" is wat I hear..and there is huge jiffy outside...the guys take their position(man i was too normal ten years back..hmmm..part of life)
they accompany me to the practice grounds...where small children..stare at my car...saying dhoni dhoni dhoni...the moment it enters the ground.
kids get autographs signed frm me...and look at me as though they ve looked at god.

I then go to shopping mall near my house !
And there is a heavy chaos people running to me,girls shouting at me,children trying to touch me!
I pick a couple of shirts and start to my house
I look at the roads where i used to play cricket during me childhood,get into some nostalgic feeling.(wish i had remained normal)

I get to a road side shop on the way..get down from my car!
(the shop i used to eat during my under-10 days)
the shopkeeper runs to me and hugs me!
Security push him off..away from me!(life really gets cruel when money comes aint it...?? the man hugged me with affection guys)

On the way i get call From Sourav ganguly..wishing me advance friendship day and best of luck for the ranji match next week

I return home have a on my playstation games locked in my room...attending VIP calls,declining modeling calls and messages for the rest of the day!


I look outside to see DIGITAL LOGIC CIRCUITS staff standing!
Man i need to wake up! i cant sleep this hour or day dream!
but it was quite an interesting dream :D


GAYATHRI said...

hello dhoni!!! am a gr8888 fan of u..u r my lucky mascot...wait wait...phew..even me tellin this to u ll happen only in such a dream he he he:p grow up young fellow:p
p.s:lic hour la apo nee gavanikalaya:p

cooldrizzles said...

ha ha good imagination [:D]

Naren said...

dhoni ye assinga paduthita...hmmm....
anyways cool i understand why DLC mam said "ppl are sleeping" and she came down towards

ajit said...

poisoN for me!

ajit said...


ajit said...

lic hr mattum la...noone of the hrs i listen :D

Hrishikesh said...

aasaya paarra!!dhoni aam :);)

GAYATHRI said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
arthi said...

it may be a dream to u .. bt night mare to dhoni .. he he .. pavam dhoni lol

ajit said...

snake babu is oly for pe...this is lic hr

ajit said...

total damage

GAYATHRI said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
GAYATHRI said...

hey ajit how come my comments got deleted??!btw snake babu class nalla irundhudhu nu gavanikaamava solirupa:p u listen to noones class ah lol:p dubakoor:D:p

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jayanthi said...

LOLZ ..dream on...

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