Friday, January 1, 2010


Its like time is flying so quickly :)
I feel its just 2001,when we moved into our new apartment,where i got a lot of new friends to play with,afternoon computer games,evening cricket,chat during nights at the terrace and finally face the tough side of my parents :P,The typical scenario is like this--my dad on the dining table--My mom opens the door--I Enter the house,pretending to come home after a tough day at office,Run to the restroom,Five mins later,I'm shocked to know that my mom knows my english marks before i opened my mouth about it.Then things go as it has to,My dad is as always a silent spectator and his steady eyes which keeps looking at me while i talk makes me poo.
Time has just gone by so fast and i sit in corners of my house thinking of all the events which went through the last decade,many happy moments and many sad ones.We ve accepted all as it comes and life has changed immensly.
Its 2010 now,Wish you all a Very Happy New year and let this year be filled with lots of happiness and fun :)
have a gr8 time people :)


GAYATHRI said...

happy new yr ajit:)well..y think of past and the future:)live happily in the present and ofcourse plan for future...for sure u ll ve a happy future then:)all the best:)

ajit said...

hey wish u the same and ur family :)
Thanks a lots :)

apoorva said...

Its nice to thnk of the past n thnk of the happy memories.forget all the bad ones and enjy ur life to the fullest.U sure to reach great heights in d future!!!!HAve a Wonderful n joyous new yr!!!

ajit said...

wish u the same :)
have a gr8 time :)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Aparna (you know who) said...

serously, sitting at a corner at home
and staring into the empty room brings back memories of how life was. Happy new year Ajit.

ajit said...

Thankss de!! :)

ajit said...

Thanks a lot it would be gr8 if u reveal ur name and identity :)
Thanks once again!