Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pongal times..

Happy Pongal to all readers!
Have a Great time!

I ve experienced 20 pongal days(i'm 20 yrs old :D,hence the equation!) each one being distinct times at home with little memories of certain pongal days.

let me recall whatever i remember.....
Pongal in the year 1997 is one interesting day to re-call at anytime,We celebrated Pongal in our Independent house in K.K.nagar,which had a huge well amidst lush green gardens having mango tree to jack fruit tree.The well had shadows filled throughout the day.As far as my memory goes,we kept all the cooking near the well with a couple of sugarcanes near it, the highlight comes now,i had a 20rs Drum kinda thingy which made a lot of noise if banged,my sister had a go on this thing...and know what we did?!we both ran around the house...i was dancing to the tunes of the drum...shouting Pongalo pongal,and my sister never stopped banging,almost all our neighbors had a huge suprise looking at us and probably they thought.."Are these kids retarded?!,they seemed to be normal till last nite!" ,my parents would ve thot "nala school la dane padika vekarom...en inda koothadi thanum?!",but they were laughing throughout the day.

The Next one i can recall is Pongal 2007,"Adiyum Odhayum kalandhu vechu vidya vidya virundhu vecha Pokkiri Pongal Pokkiri Pongal" and "dole dole dan adikiran" on tv from morning to night".I got up late as yelling "you havent studied anything for Pre -boards exams..I'm not responsible if u fail in the exams" and stuff like that,while me and dad as always,we were watching songs on tv and vijay interviews on all channels.I was sitting with Comprehensive Physics book with lots of frustation.My sister returned From Pune just then,she was an assistant software engineer--I remember words like Project leader,on site call etc associated with her during those days :D


Pongal days are different these days,more simple,less noisy at home!Anyways its starting to get really hot in Chennai,its too hot during nights :-(!The Marghazhi days have come to an end and lets welcome the coming days:-)

have a great time people!


Aparna said...

:) happy pongal

ajit said...

thanks de appu wish u the same :)

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