Sunday, February 20, 2011


India's proud possession. Every single Indian looking upto this man during tough situation and every kid which goes to bat tries to imitate Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar.
Two decades in international front without being into controversies,without showing emotions on the field, with millions of expectation every time he goes from the dressing room. Sachin Tendulkar has done this for twenty long years which no normal human can even dream of doing. I'm as old as Sachin's career and indeed he's the GOD for millions around. I ve always wanted to see him play cricket,talk to him and even today when i see his 200* innings tears trickle down.I'm gifted to be born in the era of God. When I explain this to my kids it would be analogous to my grandfather talking about Sir Don Bradman without any coherence. When I did get a chance to see Sachin play i did grab it. I watched Sachin practice and play cricket for the first time in my life, I could watch the India Vs New Zealand match in Chepauk,Chennai. I was early to the stands just to see how god looks like and when he did enter the field with a red t-shirt and grey shorts there was huge roar from the pavillion. A figure which resembled a sixteen year old has dominated the entire bowling fraternity was hard to believe. He practiced fielding,played football and did what he could do the best-batted. Almost the entire 5 hours which Sachin spend on the field my eyes were just looking at him. Whenever Sach was in action there were huge roars in the gallery, sachin fielding , Sachin walking , sachin running and he should be quite used to this.

GOD wanted to play cricket and incarnated as Sachin Tendulkar,
Dedicated to all Million hearts which love him,
Indian team please win the WC-2011 and give this guy the thing he deserves for all his contributions.


Narahari said...

sachin s god cos cricket is no less than a religion in india!! i have been lucky enough to see Him thrice live.. he din score a lot but even a forward defense from sach more than makes my day.... as far as this blog goes... my bestie ajrj keep writing da..wonderfully compiled dis one:)

GAYATHRI said...

ya!!WC,the only feather missin in his cap...i am prayin sachin that he grants india its second WC:)


HeMaNtH said...

@ CHEPAUK: Almost every Indian player entered pitch empty handed for warm up (Munaf in particular was reluctant to enter the pitch, such a lazy goose) it's sachin who entered with 2 bats & full of josh, great commitment from him even for warm up..!